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About Tokai University

Tokai University is a private university established by Shigeyoshi Matsumae in 1942.

The word "Tokai" of "Tokai University" refers to the sea to the east of Asia, namely, the Pacific Ocean, and symbolizes the desire to foster big hearts, rich spirits, and broad perspectives symbolized by the expansive ocean.

The Tokai University Educational System is currently one of the largest institutions for general education and research in Japan.

Our 10 campuses nationwide comprise 21 undergraduate schools and 90 departments/courses covering diverse fields. Each campus takes full advantage of its regional characteristics in order to better educate students.

There are now 1,736 full-time teachers associated with Tokai University, in addition to 169 academic staff invited from around the world.

About 30,000 students are studying with us, including international students.

These are the numbers of students in each department and campus. At Tokai University, the aim of our education is mutual understanding and harmony between students of the liberal arts and scientific fields. At Tokai University, our earnest hope is to cultivate broad viewpoints and cultured minds in tomorrow's leaders of society.