Treatment of meningioma

Small, asymptomatic meningiomas can be kept under strict observation by such means as outpatient MRI scanning. If a tendency to grow is seen or severe symptoms are expected, surgery will likely be considered.

Large, symptomatic meningiomas are basically treated by surgical removal. An operation is performed to remove the tumor together with the surrounding membrane covering the brain, and sometimes part of the skull. If blood vessels or nerves are involved, most of the tumor may be removed while the remainder is treated with radiotherapy such as gamma knife or cyber knife treatment. Depending on the site of the tumor, radiotherapy such as gamma knife or cyber knife treatment may be considered from the beginning. However, in this case, the basic rule is that the tumor must be less than 3 cm in size. Meningiomas are benign tumors, but highly sophisticated surgical techniques are required if they arise adjacent to the bones at the skull base that support the head from below.

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